Tying the Knot in Hawaii: Some Simple Tips Ensure Success

There are some places that simply seem to be made for weddings. Hawaii is definitely one of these, with the state’s tropical climate and natural beauty combining to make for some of the most appropriate wedding conditions of all.

Thanks to this fact, many couples from elsewhere head to Hawaii to tie the knot every year. Planning a Hawaii wedding is easy enough to do, thanks to the availability of so much in the way of eager, capable support. Even so, keeping a few simple tips in mind can make the process even easier.

A Wedding to Remember in Paradise

The most important thing, in just about every case, is to remember to play to Hawaii’s strengths. Some couples start off with preconceived notions about their own future weddings that simply do not mesh well with the character of this special place. When planning a wedding in Hawaii, the following tend to produce the best results:

Style. A buttoned-up, formal wedding might be a good fit for an ornate event center in New York or Chicago, but Hawaii encourages relaxation. The most successful Hawaiian weddings tend to be of semi-formal or outright casual nature, regardless of the particular setting. Many Hawaii beach weddings even see guests arriving clad in shorts and flip flops and end up being especially enjoyable and memorable.

Refreshments. Once again, it typically pays to lean towards informality when it comes to serving food and drink to guests. While a plated dinner might initially seem like the natural choice, a far more casual buffet that allows celebrants to mingle and enjoy the offerings at their own pace typically ends up suiting the Hawaiian setting better. The same general idea goes for the selection of food and drinks to be served, with homey fare with a Hawaiian flair generally be preferable to, for example, elaborate French dishes.

Entertainment. Many a Hawaii wedding reception will also include a band or disc jockey, and the same general type of advice holds with regard to this decision. The right type of music can make any wedding celebration more successful, and this holds true in Hawaii, too.

Planning and Preparation Pay Off

Getting everything in order well before the special date is the best way of being sure that an upcoming wedding in the Aloha State will be as successful as possible. That will also allow couples to relax and enjoy the time that remains until the moment all have been waiting for finally arrives.


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